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New front load high efficiency washers & dryers.
Easy pay with your debit/credit card
Machines will text you when it’s available
Relocated to the 24-hr Fitness Center located at the Clubhouse for convenient access


It Pays to Refer Your Friends to Hickory Hills East!

Military Rental Partnership Program
Click for information

Hickory Hills East Announces the SMECO COOLSENTRY Program!

  • You'll get a programmable thermostat professionally installed
  • Earn up to $50 in annual bill credits on your electric bill ($10/mo June - Oct)
  • You could save up to 10% on your heating/cooling bills

To learn more about how the program works visit www.SMECO.coop/CoolSentry or call toll free 866-921-9474

  • Help protect our environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions
  • Preserve the quality of life for future generations
  • Save money and keep electricity prices lower longer

As you know, we are always looking for ways in which to improve and enhance the quality and life style of our valued residents. In an effort to provide additional amenities that are convenient and useful, we are now offering on-site self-storage.

It is with great pleasure that Hickory Hills East, in association with APT Storage, announces the delivery of commercial grade, secure, self-storage, available to you where you need it the most, on-site! These storage units are due to arrive early August.

The storage unit sizes available are:
4’ x 8’ = $42.00 per month plus 6% state sales tax
8’ x 8’ = $64.00 per month plus 6% state sales tax

All leases are Month to Month and require a $25.00 application fee.

Because the number of storage spaces will be limited, we suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity today. Applications will be taken on a first come, first serve basis and are available in our leasing office.

We hope you take advantage of this convenient amenity!

We gladly accept your packages from UPS, FEDEX or the Post Office when your not home. The delivery service is asked to leave a note on your door letting you know the package is at the Leasing Office. Sometimes this doesn't happen or occasionally the notes blow off the doors. Feel free to check with us anytime to see if your package is here. We do get several deliveries a day so we do ask that you pick them up in a timely manner.

Quick Reference for After- Hours Maintenance Emergencies:

  1. Dial: 301-481-6798

  2. Wait for voicemail.

  3. Leave name, townhome number, and phone number.

  4. Maintenance should return your call within 20 minutes.

The following is a list of issues that Hickory Hills East Management deems EMERGENCY:

  1. No heat (when temperatures are below 50) or No a/c (above 90 degrees)

  2. Threat of smoke or fire (please call 911 first if appropriate)

  3. Water sprinkler leaks.

  4. Backed up toilet (if you only have one) Try plunging it 1st before you call.

  5. Broken water pipes

  6. Gas leak, call Washington Gas 1-800-752-7520

  7. Refrigerator not cooling (please refrain from opening and closing door)

  8. Water heater leaks

  9. Broken window or inoperable locks


Do your part! By taking these simple steps, apartment residents can conserve fuel and water, reduce waste and save energy:

Lights Out

  • Turn off all lights when you leave a room.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with EPA ENERGY STAR-qualified compact fluorescents (CFL) or Light-emitting diodes (LED).

Did you know?

  • Lighting accounts for nearly 25% of total energy costs in the home or office.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs consume 75% less electricity, last 4-15 times longer, and generate 74% less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Power Off

  • Home electronics such as computers, TVs and printers use power even when idle. Turn your electronics off when not in use.

Conserve Water

  • Have all leaks or drippy faucets repaired immediately. Run your dishwasher with only full loads, and use the energy-savings setting if you have the option.

Did you know?

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a faucet dripping at one drop per second wastes 2,700 gallons per year.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • At the grocery or hardware store, purchase products with the least amount of packaging waste.


St. Mary's to Subsidize Rental Homes to Attract Teachers
Lottery Will Determine Who Gets Townhouses

Seeking to alleviate the effects of Southern Maryland's affordable housing shortage, the St. Mary's County Board of Education will begin offering subsidized rental homes to a handful of first-year teachers.

Ten townhouses in California's Hickory Hills East subdivision will be provided to new teachers at a 12 percent discount from the usual monthly rent. Beginning in the summer, first-year teachers will be able to enter a lottery for the units, which range from studios to two-bedrooms.

Just a Simple Thank You!

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you and let you know how much you're really appreciated! The residents here at Hickory Hills East are the very best and we feel lucky to have to have you. We're pleased to have so many friendly faces who are always eager to help a fellow resident or staff member in need. Thanks for being such great resident to us and great neighbors to each other.


Please keep your pet(s) leashed (cats too) when your outside and remember to use our designated areas only. These areas are clearly marked with a green and white pet sign. The common grassy areas are not for pets to use. The perimeter of the community is designed for pets. You will see doggie stations in several areas. Please note that pet clean-up is the law, a $50 fine is enforced. Remember to always pick up after your pet, you are responsible for clean-up.


Quarterly Extermination Schedule

22500, 22502, 22506, 22521, 22515 2ND Friday of: Jan, April, July, Oct
22504, 22510, 22508, 22522, 22511, 22507  2ND Friday of: Feb, May, Aug, Nov
22514, 22512, 22520, 22518, 22516, 22509, 22517, 22519 2ND Friday of: March, June, Sept, Dec

Guardian Pest Control will be on site the 2nd Friday monthly for extermination. Every townhome is treated on a quarterly basis, as scheduled above. This is a free pest control treatment to suppress spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, etc.

Please secure pets. No preparation is necessary. You do not need to be home.

If you are experiencing any pest problems, you are encouraged to empty your cabinets for a detailed inspection and treatment and contact the office for additional treatments and follow up. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Leasing office during normal operating hours, Mon - Fri 9 AM - 6 PM, Sat. 10 AM - 3 PM (301) 862-3232

If you do not want this treatment, please contact the leasing office before your scheduled treatment. You will be responsible for treatment costs should any pest issues develop due to lack of treatment.

Our Pride is High

Thanks to our residents who are making an extra effort to keep our community looking great. Your help is always appreciated by the staff and others who call our community home

We would like to remind all residents about our vehicle policy :

  • Cars that are not in working condition and those that are not properly tagged will be given 24-48 hours to comply or they will be towed at owners expense.
  • Please observe the handicap spaces and please remember to use only one space per vehicle. Guests and residents with more then two vehicles please remember to use the clubhouse for additional/overflow parking.


We would like to welcome all our new residents who make their home at Hickory Hills East. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.


Here’s how it works:

  • The gate will be closed  from 8pm-7am daily.
  • When entering the community after 8pm you will need to have your electronic house key ready.
  • Insert the key in to the lock just like you do at home only you do not have to turn the key. The gate will open promptly.
  • When visitors pull up to the keypad they will search for your last name and townhome number. Once they find you they will hit the ‘CALL’ button. The number you have provided to the Leasing office will ring & you will need to press the number ‘9’ and the gate will instantly open for your guest.

Leaving the community:

  • Simply pull up close to the arm of the gate and it will activate the sensor to lift the arm of the gate up.

    We are excited to introduce the new Raleigh Rewards Program!  As of January 1st, 2009 you have already begun earning points towards some amazing benefits. We appreciate having you as a resident and want to give back to you!
    Click for more information

    Earn Money Toward Your Rent
    When You Refer A Friend!

    Did you know?
    Did you know that Hickory Hills East offers assigned covered parking? Our covered parking spots range from $25-$35 per month!  Ask the Office for details!


    The speed limit on Iverson Drive is 10 mph. Please drive safely and use caution. Your cooperation in maintaining the 10 mph speed limit will be greatly appreciated.


    Your lease states that you are required to carry renters insurance. Your personal belongings are not insured by the policies that insure the community. We cannot be responsible for your property in case of water or fire damage. Visit the leasing office for more information. It's relatively inexpensive and allows you to rest easy, knowing your possessions are secure.


    Rent is due on the 1st of the month and late on the 6th. Rent received after this date must be paid in certified funds such as money order, cashier's check or with a credit card.  Thanks to all our residents who pay on time or early each month.


The entire staff of Hickory Hills East would like to extend a BIG WELCOME to all of the new residents and thank the current residents who signed a lease renewal with us. We look forward to serving you!

Pat, Jenny

Scott, Michael, Nate

Office  Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
Sunday by appointment

Important Phone Numbers:
Leasing Office
Fax 301-862-5394

Emergency Number
after hours, emergencies only

Utility Contacts:
Washington Gas
Set up your gas account online

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